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Water Polo


Water polo is a team water sport involving a ball. Two teams, each consisting of seven players (one goalkeeper and six field players), compete in a rectangular pool. Each team can have a maximum of six reserves. The duration of the game is four periods, each of eight minutes of actual play. Time commences at the start of each period when a player touches the ball.


No. of gold medals : 2

  • Men’s
    16 teams
  • Women’s
    16 teams


Nambu University Football Field

  • Address : 23, Cheomdanjungang-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Republic of KoreaMap
  • Size : Water polo field 35m×25m×2m (temporary pool)
  • Capacity : 5,000seatsSeat
Nambu University Football Field
  • S
  • A
  • Comfort Seat
  • Registered Seat