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  • Period
    FINA World Championships
    2019.07.12 ~ 07.28 (17 days)
  • Ceremonies
    2019.07.12 Opening Ceremony
    2019.07.28 Closing Ceremony
  • Sports
    Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Artistic Swimming Open Water, High Diving



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Swimming is a competitive sport over various distances from 50m to 1,500m, using specific styles including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Competitive swimming events begin with heats then go on to semi-finals and finals. In the 50m, 100m and 200m events, 16 swimmers qualify through the heats, 8 of which will go to the finals after competing in the two semi-finals. For longer distances and relays, 8 swimmers qualify through the heats and then compete directly in the finals.


Diving is the sport where competitors perform acrobatics while jumping from a platform into the water. Diving as a sport comprises springboard diving (1m, 3m), platform diving (10m), synchronised springboard (3m), and synchronised platform (10m). While diving into the water, divers perform a set of established requirements including somersaults and twists. In individual diving and synchronised diving competitions, men perform six dives while women perform five dives. The team diving competition involves one female and one male diver from the same federation.

High Diving

High diving is the sport of diving into the water from 20m (women) or 27m (men) platforms. Divers perform from man-made diving platforms.

Artistic Swimming

Artistic swimming is a combination of swimming, ballet, and music. It is also called water ballet. It features solo, duet, team and combination events according to the number of swimmers involved. It is also divided into figures and routines. The most successful nations in artistic swimming are Russia, USA, Japan, Canada, Spain and China.

Open water

Open water swimming is a competitive outdoor swimming event held in lakes, rivers, oceans and waterways. Since Open water competitions are held outdoors exposed to the elements, it is crucial for athletes to have proper clothing and other protective measures against the sun, wind, temperature (water and air), and rain.

Water polo

Water polo is a team water sport involving a ball. Two teams, each consisting of seven players (one goalkeeper and six field players), compete in a rectangular pool. Each team can have a maximum of six reserves. The duration of the game is four periods, each of eight minutes of actual play. Time commences at the start of each period when a player touches the ball.


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